Nigga what

You're an ass.

i give you 2 seconds to tell me why should i care … too late  #i dont give a fuck. 

remember when deidara was gay for itachi …

I hope karin looks so fucking hot in the movie

this week didnt feel like a complete week because naruto chapter …….

i miss naruto manga chapter

oohhh what i got agaaaain on tumblr!!! OMG THANK YOU ladygt

what i said: i like anime
what my family heard: i only like asians. i am destined to marry an asian and move to an asian country and eat nothing but asian food and speak an asian language asian asian asian also i am officially changing my race to asian bye
is it ok if i dont put the accent on the i lmao

oh yes, its fine, dont worry :P 


“As my grandfather taught me, I believe that “war is never the right answer,” but I also understand that there will always be war. There are certain things that only my generation can tell in a story, and I can tell it from my own perspective. Even though it’s fiction, I want to make people feel like that there is still hope.

Masashi Kishimoto; 岸本斉史


fullmetal alchemist: bruhhood

open rp





"who the fuck are you" 


naruto looked over at sasuke and blushed. “”S-sasuke-senpai……… d-do you recognize me……….?”



Sasuke began to hesitate in his next remark. It was obvious this person who responded to the thread was indeed a troll who was not interested in an actual RP and was just looking to create a comedic relief post that could hopefully reach 14k notes ending in a successful outcome on this rubbish social media webpage.

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